The Small Woman, Who Is The Queen Of Neglected Dogs In Turkey

The Small Woman, Who Is The Queen Of Neglected Dogs In Turkey

Millions of cats and dogs are homeless in Turkey. Most of them were born on the street, but it is also increasingly common to find animals who have been abandoned. Unfortunately, people tend to leave their former pets in the mountains and desolate areas so that it is much harder for the animals to follow them home. This means that the animals are more likely  to find food by themself and water and will often face harsh weather conditions. They also remain vulnerable to attacks by another communities.


In Turkey,  there is a queen of animals. Her name is  Nuray, who has dedicated her life to saving stray dogs there. In here , there are alot of

abandoned animals in the mountains or neglected areas, they are struggling to find food and water, they look poor . Nuray, who is one of the few exceptionally kind residents who is looking after the neglected dogs. She has taken care of them for years ago until now.  It takes her about 2 hours to drive by all her stops and she does this almost every night after work.



She has been doing this all by herself for years and invests all her own time and money into helping these adorable beings

Nuray also drives to local restaurants and hotels in around collecting any unwanted food that she can feed to the stray dogs. On some sad occasions, Nuray notices that some of the dogs may be ɪɴᴊᴜʀᴇᴅ ᴏʀ sɪᴄᴋ and so she rushes them to the vets as well. Nuray accepts donations since it is becoming increasingly expensive for her to buy fuel and food.


At this time when the Turkish lira continues to drop in value, it is becoming increasingly expensive for Nuray to buy fuel and food. She accepts donations when she can and is hoping to set up her own website soon, to find a way for people to help her with some of these expenses. In the meantime, I have set up a Gofundme and will continue to share her amazing story. Nuray said to me that these dogs are like her children, with their own names, personalities and stories.  She believes that all animals deserve love and that if you have the opportunity to help, then you should. She is a wonderful woman with a great love for animals, I wish her lots of health to be able to take care of more abandoned animals.


We are seeing an increase in the number of animals being abandoned as well as being surrendered. We fear this could worsen as people return to the office or struggle with increasing costs of living. We believe that one of the main reasons people fail to care for their pets properly or end up abandoning them is a lack of research before they get their pet and a misunderstanding about the cost of pet ownership.